Blue Marsh National Recreation Area

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This trail runs from the Stilling Basin to the Dry Brooks Day Use Area, and can be traveled in either direction. The trail can be accessed via several trail heads. It is a combination of dirt/grass lanes and singletrack trail passing through forests and fields, offering many views of the lake. The trail varies in terrain along its length, and can be completed in segments. Experienced hikers, bikers, and equestrians can complete the trail in its entirety in less than a day. However, it is recommended that you allow sufficient time, carry adequate liquids, and notify someone of your plans and follow trail markers carefully. The trail is marked with brown posts with white directional arrows. Information provided by BLUE MARSH LAKE Trail System map, available at the Visitor's Center and most trailheads.

Trail Map

[Blue Marsh Trail Map]

Trail Regulations

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers to assist us with various projects at Blue Marsh Lake. These projects include educational programs, trail maintenance, natural resource management, and volunteer trail patrol. To volunteer, call the project office at the number listed below, and ask for the volunteer coordinator.

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This page was first created on October 1, 1996, with information from the Blue Marsh Lake Trail Guide, dated June, 1996. All information and maps posted here are for reference purposes only. If you visit, I suggest you pick up a copy of the latest trail guide at the Visitor's Center or one of the trailheads. Last update was on July 28, 1999 to correct the link to MTBInfo.