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Is Online Betting a Type of Recreation or is it an Addiction?

Gambling and betting is a great way to spend your time and money, sometimes even earn more money. Recreation is an important part of people’s lives and gambling, specifically online casino games, can be a very easy and good way of recreation, especially with constant promotions like the Bitstarz bonus code 2018.

Yet, is this really recreation or is it an addiction? There is no simple way to answer this question but looking at some definitions, a more comprehensive picture can be painted. Likewise, looking at the individual is necessary but that isn’t really possible on a global scale. You yourself, or someone that cares about you should take on that responsible role of being a guardian.

Recreation – Online Gambling is Fun and Simple

Recreation is defined as an activity done when not working, for enjoyment or pleasure. It’s simple, if you enjoy online betting and gambling, and you’re not doing it as a primary way of supporting yourself, then it’s recreation, right? It’s not that simple, as you can easily take it to the next level, it that happens to be the only thing you’re doing in your spare time.

Likewise, even if it’s not the only thing you’re doing, you can exhibit problem gambling behavior like blowing a lot of money on a ridiculous bet or spending more than necessary or having to stop yourself from pulling that lever another time.

If you’re doing it casually, every weekend, playing a lottery online or a bingo game, that’s not an issue or is less likely to become one. Visiting a local online casino to play a couple of poker games and put on your virtual poker face can also be great, if done moderately and on an intermittent basis. Likewise, a game of roulette or online slots is not an issue.

Sports betting is also a thing, especially if your favorite teams, worldwide are playing. Betting on one team is great, but betting responsibly is also great, given that your favorite team might not always be the actual favorite to win the match.

If you take things a bit further, it can become problematic.

Addiction – The Dark Side of Online Betting

Once you start spending tons of money or betting every single day, now that’s when things can turn serious. If you’re running out of money and the only thing you’re looking forward to is spending money you do not have on gambling, that’s also a problem, a serious one.

The internet makes it easy for us to bet and gamble, and therein lies the issue. Nothing can really stop you from betting more other than a lack of money. Sure, some sites have monitors and bots which can warn you if you’re getting out of line, yet you are not likely to heed those warnings.

If you take it too far, whether card games, roulette, bingo, lotteries or any other form of betting and gambling, such as sports betting, you are likely addicted to betting or are on your way to becoming a problem gambler.

Whether online betting is recreation to you or a way to easily feed your addiction, that is something only you or someone near you can answer. We are not always conscious of our choices and oftentimes need a helping hand. Be responsible, especially when gambling online, as you can easily find yourself in a dark place that is your wallet without cash.